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Yangshuo Yulong River

The Meeting Dragon River, also called Yulong River, is a picturesque tributary of the Li River. Quiet and pure near Yangshuo, it flows through some of the most beautiful Karst scenery, peaceful villages, and the 600 year-old Yulong stone bridge. If you would like to have 1 day or so of your Guilin tour left for stunning natural beauty, then Yulong River is the right place .

The legend of Meeting Dragon River
Once upon a time, a dragon from the East Sea traveled here and was attracted by the beautiful scenery and stayed. At first, he just came out at night but later, he could not help coming out in the daytime. So he was seen by the villagers, and the river was renamed Meeting Dragon River.
Things to Do along Yulong River
Biking and hiking
These can be some of the most memorable days on your Guilin tour as you cycle and hike following the banks of the Meeting Dragon River. Along the way you pass through small villages and rice paddies. This idyllic experience will be remembered in many years to come.
Have you ever go kayaking before? This time it will be a lot more different. The river is so clear that allows you to see the cobbles on the riverbed, and fishes swimming in the water. A unique scene on the way is that breakwaters (weirs) were built every kilometer or so by locals to allow their animals cross the river. So you could see water buffalos crossing the river through the weirs like walking on the river surface.
Bamboo rafting
Once you arrive at the region, you will immediately be attracted by a wired type of transportation equipment, bamboo rafts. Local people use them widely on daily basis up and down the river between houses, markets, and rice paddies. Some villagers made bigger rafts to woo the tourists and soon it became a travel highlight around Yangshuo. Sitting on the reclining bamboo chair on the raft, you can enjoy an all around view of the natural, rural life down the river.
Swimming is also a popular activity on this river. Swimming here is safer than on the Li River as there is a smaller current and it is not as deep.