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Xianggong Hill

Xianggong hill is located in the middle of the most beautiful part of Lijiang river scenic area. It has an elevation of 200meters and with a straight height of 50meters. Its hilltop provides a wonderful panoramic view of Lijiang river valley. It’s used to be a famous spot for shooting the sunrise of Lijiang river among the local photographers. Due to its advantaged location and the recommendation of visited tourists at home and abroad. Xianggong hill now has become a very popular view point for tourists who wants to overlook amazing Lijiang river landscape. It displays different scenery with different weather condition. Normally, It’s nice to see Lijiang river landscape from the top of Xianggong hill during April and Oct every year.

There is no direct bus to get there neither Guilin nor Yangshuo. Hire a taxi to get there could be the best. It’s about 28Km from Yangshuo town. And 55Km from Guilin