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West Street

The history of West Street in Yangshuo can be traced back to 590 AD (Sui Dynasty in China) and it is more than 1400 years old to this day. The street was 200 meters in length and less than 4 metes in width when the county was founded, and got its name because of its location at the west of the county seat.

It is the oldest street of Yangshuo when Yangshuo was just opened to the world and discovered by western travellers at the beginning of 1970s. Charmed by its picturesque landscapes and simple and unsophisticated folk custom, they could not help writing their experiences and feelings in Yangshuo especially the West Street into guidebooks, which made it more mysterious and attractive for the western world.

Stretching for less than 1 km now and paved with flagstones, West Street is an amazing global pedestrian street with old traditional Chinese dwellings on both sides of it. It is in such a small street that all kinds of shops, restaurants and bars with English signs assemble. Every year hundreds of thousands of people from all over pay a visit to it, some of them find their love and open their own shops here, which makes the street the biggest "English Corner", "global village" and "foreigner street" in China.

Most of the shop assistants and the shopkeepers and even packmen at all ages in the street can speak English more or less and foreign visitors do not need to worry how to communicate if they want to do shopping. Hence, travellers hardly feel lonely or strange no matter where which corner they come from in the world.
The daytime is the ideal time for travellers to leisurely observe the architectural style and the exquisite decorations in the street, while the street will become a world full of people and excitement when the night falls.