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Jiangtou Zhou Old Village

In the north of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region stands the Jiangtou Village (江头村). This reputed scenic spot is a known China ancient village enjoying a precious and preserved architecture tracing back from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Mainly recognised for its ancient houses, narrow alleyways and gorgeous natural surroundings, Jiangtou Ancient Village is a relief and a typical Chinese sight during your Guilin tour.
A village on the bank of Li River
Jiangtou is a village located at the outskirts of the town of Jiuwu, lying in the county of Lingchuan, Guilin City. Situated on the bank of the Li River, the village is at the cross-point of the Huangjiang Po River to the north, Wuzhishan River to the west and Bijia Shan River to the south. Jiangtou Ancient Village enjoys amazing surrounding scenery due to the karstic geology of the region: vast fields, hills and rivers forming all together unique scenery.
Particularities of the Jiangtou Ancient Village
Jiangtou Ancient Village has a gorgeous surrounding underlining even more the ancient cobbled streets and houses of the village. The evergreen mountains, jade-like rivers and collection of ancient buildings give to the place a feeling of quietness and journey back to old China times. Indeed, in terms of China typical ancient villages Jiangtou is renowned as the best preserved collection of ancient buildings in the whole Guangxi Province. Home to a total of 680 people and 158 families, Jiangtou is famous for being the village with the most numerous number of "Zhou" family names, 90% of the population holding it due to the influence of the Zhou family in history. Having been raised in the name of rightneouness and holding today the reputation as an "upright official village", Jiangtou is one of the most interesting place that is given to discover in northern Guangxi. Its colorful cityscape and citizens give a unique cachet adding to the 1800 houses composing the whole village, among which 620 of them are original Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasty blue painted bricks and pine houses. When visiting the village, visitors can just marvel at the oddly elegant site given by these numerous ancient houses, maze of narrow alleyways and courtyards with large wooden gates full of history. Jiangtou Ancient Village is just a place to visit in the name of cultural and historical Chinese diversity. Offering different impressions according to the weather, the visit of the village constitutes a journey to ancient China times.