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Gudong Waterfall Park

As a famous four-star national scenic spot, the Gudong Waterfall Scenic Spot of Gulin, which is about 26 kilometers apart from the downtown of Guilin, has been being a very popular tourist destination. It is just like a big natural mountain-park with many kinds of age-old plants where birds live brightly. There, not only can you enjoy nice landscapes and delicious local snacks but also you can attend some interesting activities inside. Therefore, when people are traveling in Guilin, they are always told that it is a must-see there.

FANTASTIC ------ A Waterfall That You Can Climb

Deriving from underground spring, this waterfall is separated into nine stages due to the special landform. Not just for sightseeing as most of the waterfalls, this amazing waterfall provides tourists with another interesting entertainment ------ waterfall climbing! That is really fresh and exiting, and the CCTV (China Central Television) reported that "It is a touchable waterfall". In summer days, many tourists, especially the youth, are always wild about challenging this special adventure without taking thought for getting wet. While climbing, people may meet some difficulties and need others' help with moving up, so it is considered as both entertainment and a kind of teamwork. But is it possible to do it in cool or cold days? Yes, if you like and are brave enough! Just as some people say "It is a cool thing to taste it in winter!".

EXCITING ------ Suspension Bridge & Cable Sliding

Made of wood and metal, this suspension bridge has a length of about 200 meters and is 62 meters height above the earth. It is absolutely exciting for you to pass over it, which swags slightly when people are walking on it. It is the right way to move on the middle of the bridge and not to run or jump on it so that the bridge will not rock. It may sound a little dangerous but in fact safe, as this bridge is stable and there are security guards directing tourists and keeping the order. And another exciting thing that people could experience inside the spot is the 180 meter-length fleeting cable sliding, which is a quick and easy way to get down to the foot of the mountain and get close to the nature.