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Yao Mountain

Yao Mountain, located in the eastern suburbs of Guilin is only 8 kilometers from the city. The peak rises to a maximum height of 909 metres above sea-level, making it the highest of Guilin's many mountains. Yao Mountain originally came to fame when the Yao Emperor Temple was constructed on its peak in Zhou and Tang dynasty; today Yao Mountain is renowned for both its beautiful scenery and ancient mausoleums of emperors.

The Yao mountain chain twists and winds like a green jade necklace hung around the neck of Guilin. Every year in March the whole mountain blooms into life with an explosion of color especially the Indian azalea. The Yaoshan cuckoo can be seen be seen in all its varieties and colors: purple, red, the orange, the pink, reddish brown and in summer the mountain is covered in green and bamboo. In the autumn the rich aroma of chrysanthemum and the maple can smelt across the mountain and in the winter the peak is dusted with fine snow and ice flowers creep up from the ground.

There is marked walkway from the base of the mountain to the peak that is easily accessible to tourists and from the peak you can look down upon rice fields dotting the mountainous landscape, looking down from the peak in the misty rain it's as if you are within some great work of classical Chinese art. Furthermore, from the summit the surrounding mountains seem to form the shape of a colossal reclining Buddha, sure to amaze all. The remains of the Ming tombs and temples still exist on the mountain and are a must see for visiting tourists, there is also a chairlift that can ferry you up and down the mountain if you don't feel up to it. Upon leaving the mountain you're sure to feel the good fortune and protection of the Buddha that rests in the mountain smiling upon you.

Yao Mountain is a national 3A-class travel destination and one of the centerpieces in Guilin's tourist landscape; it also has won acclaim for being one of the best run tourist destinations in Guangxi. Yao Mountain offers not only unmatched natural scenery but also first class support services. Yao Mountain is sure to 'wow' and amaze every traveler who is lucky enough to visit it.