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Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave is situated on the hillside of Bright Hill of Northwest Guilin and near the Peach Blossom River. It is 5 kilometers from the city center, making it a ten minute drive (half an hour by bike) from downtown. The cave gets its name from a reed growing near the entrance of the cave that is used to make flutes.

The cave bathed in purple-blue light

It is 500 meters long and takes about fifty minutes to explore. The cave is Top AAAA Scenic Spot and opened to public in 1962. It is the most visited cave in the world and described as "Art Palace of Nature". It is not only beautiful, but historic as there are 77 stone inscriptions covering many years of China 's storied history.

Inside the cave are a large number of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, and stone flowers. These glisten in a broad array of colorful lights, providing a truly splendid view. Each formation is given names according to what they look like. Following the U-shaped route you will encounter a number of natural rock formations including: Primitive Forest, Morning Glow over Lion Forest, Virgin Forest, Fruit and Flower Mountain, Double Pillars Supporting Heaven, Crystal Palace and many more. You can use your own imagination and discuss with your group what you think the formations look like. The Crystal Palace is the most impressive formation and is made up of illuminated stalagmites that are also reflected in the cave 's natural lake.