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Cuiping hill (Wuzhi hill)

Wuzhi mountain is located in the core area of "south karst landform · putao peak forest", the world natural heritage. It is the hometown of longevity in China, the hometown of ten great selenium enrichment in China, and the world tourist resort -- cuiping village in the northwest putao town of yangshuo county. It is one of the most famous photography sites in yangshuo. Zhuge village under the wuzhi mountain is the largest settlement of descendants of zhuge liang in south China.
Wuzhi hill scenic spot is located in the west of cuiping village, putao town, yangshuo county. There are "wuhou temple", "inspirational trail", "teaching pavilion", "top scholar reading desk", "the big dipper" zhuge village viewing spot ", "world natural heritage nominated spot" and other elite scenic spots.